Monday, May 20, 2013

Lost in Chastity by Dvanna Hightower

Lost in Chastity is a full-length book from mistress Dvanna Hightower. It tells the story of Reginald, an average guy with an above-average girlfriend, Cannie, who has strung him along without sex for a month. In an effort to get closer to her, Reginald agrees to go to a “couples retreat,” where the fun really starts. Reginald’s libido is led to and fro by all the beautiful, assertive women at the camp, and by the unflinching direction of Cannie. Soon, he discovers what the intent of the “retreat” really is, and what his place in Cannie’s life will be.

Lost in Chastity is a refreshing change from so much of the erotica out there. It is crisply written, with a sense of playfulness that had me turning the virtual pages. Over the course of the book, I really started feeling for poor, horny Reginald. He truly is the epitome of a man, while Cannie represented all that a woman can hope to be: confident, successful, beautiful, and a sure handler of her man. What makes it work, though – and what sets it above most of the erotica out there – is the feelings that the main characters both have for each other. You can sense Reggie’s desperation is borne out of a desire to please his unattainable girlfriend, and that Cannie’s strictness arises from a desire to hone and shape Reggie to his full potential.

The book contains some great scenes of tease and denial, some light bondage, and, as its title implies, lots of chastity. Told from the perspective of Reginald, you are taken on a wild ride through his misadventures at the camp. Parts of it had me wincing, and made me glad I don’t have those particular bits, if you catch my drift. 

Overall, I would highly recommend Lost in Chastity for both men and adventurous women looking for a fun, erotic novel.

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